Blue Frogs Company

Joel Dournel-Zanni grew up in northern France. Coming from a family of artisans and woodworkers, Joel studied wood carving as an apprentice under his Uncle who worked on restoration projects. 

In 1988 after extensive travel, he moved to Aspen, Colorado. Given the opportunity to make a fresh start, he decided to make a career out of something that had been an interest of his for years: woodcarving.  

Drawing inspiration from his beautiful surroundings, Joel picked up wood carving as a career in the early 1990’s. He started to design a line of lamps with themes such as fishing bears, horses and eagles. A few years later, an old passion of Celtic Art came back in the form of Celtic carvings inspired by the “Book of Kells” , knot work, crosses and other Celtic sources. From there a transition into Viking art was a natural step. 

Over the years, Blue Frogs Company has expanded to four distinct hand-carved collections: Bird Wood Carvings, Celtic and Viking Wood Carvings, Bone ~ Antler Carvings and most recently Artisan Bowls. ~ 970.618.0064 ~


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