Showcasing the best in Celtic Giftware since 1996

Over twenty five years ago, Enterprise Ireland started the initial show in Secaucus, New Jersey, known as the Look is Ireland. Peter Collins with his good friend John Branigan built on the success of the Look is Ireland and created the Ireland Show. They identified that producers of giftware, jewelry and fashion, needed a vehicle to sell many items to the mostly Irish ethnic market that had grown and developed in the USA and Canada through the years of emigration from Ireland. 

In 2021, Dominic and Sarah Loughran(father and daughter) took over from the show and held their first show as a virtual trading event. In Spring 2022, the show returned in person to a new venue, Parsippany Embassy Suites, New Jersey. The return was hailed a great success and over $1 million in sales were generated from just under 50 vendors. A much bigger return for both vendors and buyers is expected for this April. Both Sarah and Dominic are determined to keep the momentum going and prove Celtic Showcase to be a valuable and cherished event for all involved. 

“We must learn to grow and evolve from and with the show. Nothing beats in person purchasing as we get to meet, see, touch and feel what incredible products our exhibitors have to offer. Our unique show is the only one in town where our vendors can meet with the ethnic Irish/Celtic – North American market and at a much smaller intimate setting at that.”             – Sarah Loughran, General Manager

We will be showcasing high end quality, contemporary and state of the art products created and designed by our talented exhibitors from throughout the Celtic Isles. 

Giftware – Homeware – Fashion – Knitwear – Jewellery – Ornamental – Art – Glassware  and much more to be seen at the Celtic Showcase. If you are a crafter or creator and think you have the product worth selling  get in touch today!

The show will be hosted again in 2024  Parsippany Embassy Suites NJ.

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Celtic Showcase