Art on Scarves Ltd.

Art on Scarves was set up by North Wales based artist Lucy Hay. Lucy is inspired by the beauty
of the countryside and diversity of the wildlife in North Wales. She wanted an unusual and
unique way to display her designs, so experimented with different products and one day
accidentally printed on a scarf! Lucy’s handprinted scarves literally flew off the shelves and sold
as fast as they were printed.
“Our Celtic Collection is particularly popular and is inspired by both my Welsh roots and being
married to a Scot! The Hairy Coo is our all-time best seller, but I love the designs which feature
the delicate Celtic knots”, mentions Lucy.
Art on Scarves now has a dedicated team printing and packaging these gorgeous accessories
and currently has over 150 stockists in the UK and close to 50 in the US with new retailers
opening accounts in Japan, France and Germany.

Contact: Lucy Hay
Tel: +44 7592 451667