Aran Woollen Mills

Aran Woollen Mills are a design-led heritage brand manufacturing the finest Aran Knitwear
in Ireland, with our history and roots firmly based in the West of Ireland – the home of Aran

Aran Woollen Mills offer both traditional heritage knitwear products and more
contemporary colours and knits, all made from natural fibres and blends, spun with a
dedication that has been passed down through generations.
Each Aran Woollen Mills knitted piece is carefully crafted. Passing through countless pairs of
hands to achieve the finest finish, the distinct care that goes into our knitwear crafting at
Aran Woollen Mills is unmatched.

There is a unique feeling associated with Aran Woollen Mills knitwear that can only be
understood by the wearer. The warm, insulating feel of wool on skin and the equally unique
story that each wearer represents when they don our knitwear is simply incomparable. It is
a celebration of Irish heritage, history and our humble roots in Westport, the West of
Ireland. The dramatic landscapes and seascapes in Westport inspire us and our designs now
symbolise the unique location we call home. From the rugged Atlantic Coast to the majestic
Croagh Patrick Mountain that represents Westport – Aran Woollen Mills knitwear is a
chance to experience this unique feeling and sense of place.

Westport has been home to a textile and knitting industry since the 18 th century and the
Aran Islands, a stone’s throw away, are famous worldwide for Aran knitwear. However, Aran
Woollen Mills is one of the few textile companies thriving, designing, and manufacturing
collections in Ireland, inspired by our unique landscape and ties to traditional Ireland.
From our humble beginnings as a cottage industry Aran knitting business, we have always
been forward thinking and now use state of the art automated electronic machines, in three
manufacturing plants, all here in the West Coast of Ireland. Supporting local employment is
still at the forefront of our ambitions and our expansions in manufacturing facilities allow us
to continuously drive this aspect.

Aran Woollen Mills are delighted to be exhibiting at Celtic Showcase again this spring in
Parsippany, New Jersey. It always represents a fantastic opportunity to meet our current
resellers in-person and showcase our new collection for 2023, including our Celtic apparel,
fashion accessories, and homeware range. It also grants us the opportunity to connect and
network with new buyers and retailers, allowing us showcase our various developments
across our business.