IrelandsEye Knitwear

Established in 1988, IrelandsEye Knitwear is a family-run company that havebeen making knitwear for over 35years. Inspired by the Irish landscape and the colours of nature, they combine the traditional Irish knitwear heritage with their own unique twist, creating knitwear for all occasions that is sold throughout Ireland and exportedallover the world.We strive to remain relevant, adding fresh playful colours and twists to our designs for every new collection, in an effort to take Irish knitwear into the future.

IrelandsEye arebased in Baldoyle, Co. Dublin and we areone of thelastIrish knitwear manufacturers still operational in the East of the country. All pieces are considered and created with love using all-natural yarns and finished by hand. Each garment that we make will pass through over 20 pairs of skilled hands before it leaves our factory to reach our customersall over the world.

As we use a natural and sustainable material and take our inspiration from our landscape and Irish fauna, it is only natural that we do everything we can to protect our planet. We have zero production waste, recycle our steam and have energy saving lighting systems to reduce our impact on the environment.

IrelandsEye is renowned for ourquality garments and timeless designs that see loyal fans of the brand continually return for the same garment in different colours or their next IrelandsEye piece!

We offer a range of marketing and sales support to our stockists such as high-qualitybeautiful lifestyle and studio imageryforall of our collectionsthat can be used on ecommerce websites and on social media. We share the beautiful videos that help tell the IrelandsEye storyto customers and shows how our beautiful garments are carefully made in our factory in Dublin.

We look forward to welcoming and talking to our existing and any potential new customer sat the Celtic Showcase and displaying our new collections, and sharing our brand storytelling assets and the supplier supports we offer!