Locharron of Scotland

From Kilt to Catwalk, Lochcarron of Scotland is the world’s leading manufacturer of authentic tartan. With a heritage dating back to 1892. Proudly Made in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, weave, mend and tailor our Scottish tartans and textiles. A truly global brand with timeless appeal. Choose from over 500 authentic tartans and tweeds that are available in a range of highland wear, fabrics, home & interior, accessories and clothing.

Contact Name: Joanne Montgomery

Contact Telephone Number: +1 603 356 3369

Contact Email: usa@lochcarron.com

Website: https://www.lochcarron.co.uk/

Online Brochures: https://www.lochcarron.co.uk/brochures/wholesale-usa